Tuesday, 3 July 2012

How i'm keeping cool this summer

Even though i live in toronto it still gets pretty hot. yesterday was brutal thank god i was at a friend's house with a pool. so there are many ways thta i keep cool during the summer. the first way is thta it seemes like i always have a glass of water with me. seriously i cant get enough water. the second is becausei dont have central air i keep the doors and windows open while i am home. thirdly i love all cold foods iceream and popcicles escpecially. and lastly i am a total fish i ma always in the pool thank god for public pools. i hope you guys al have a happy summer.


Sunday, 15 April 2012


 Even though it is 5:00 on a sunday eerything is just so peaceful i can hear the birds chirping and singing thier lovely songs it is just beautiful. I love days like this so i am sitting out on my porch typing this i hope it stays this pretty tommorw even though i have to go to school. its days like this where i am the most happy with everything my apprearence, my house, my city, my friends,my school and every thing else that i can think of. I really hope all of you have at least one thing abouth themselves that they like because everyone is beautiful in some way. 
                                                                          All the best,

Sunday, 18 March 2012

my second product

I have decided to do one product i love everyday for my faves and after that and after that i will try to post some new videos or vlogs or something to keep you entertained.

So my second product is the marcel face powder this is an amazing face powder first the packaging is no fuss no extra un needed extras and i love that also another thing is the price i got mine at walmart for i think 10 dollars canadian but i know from personal experience that if you were to go say rexall it will be at a higher price. I have to say that for the price you get a good amount of product you get about 2.4 ounces of product.It comes in 2 shades but beacause of the sheer nature of the product does not really have much of an effect. So i really love this and when i run out i will definetly repurchase.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

my current fave products

I must say i truely do love all these products and most of them are fairly affordable,

The first product is my tokidoki 24karat skate deck pallet i love almost all the shades the one i have a small problem with is stella (omg all the names are so cute) the reason for the problem is that it seemes to just be pressed glitter. also a point to bring forward is that all the shades are shimmery. but all in all the pigmentation is amazing and as with all tokidoki products the packaging is sooo cute.