Friday, 23 December 2011

revlon color stay lip butter review

here is my 2 cents on the revlon colorburst lip buuter,
the one that i purchased is in 045 or cotton candy i think that this name holds true to the colour that it gives off . The colour is a light bubblegum pink with golden shimmmer. I feel that it does live up to the name lip butter beacause it is so creamy and soft. It really has moistureized my lips and the colour is sheer which is good for teens beacause it is not incredibly bright. Believe me having a blod lip is good if you are ready for some comments. overall i love this product and do plan on repurchasing it when i run out and also purchasing other colours.

my one complaint has to be with the packaging and that is that the actuall lid is very long compared to the size of the product this means that you do not have much space to hold when opening the product.

all rates from a scale of 1-10

packaging: 8.5
product: 9.5
amount of product: 6
conveinence: 9
colour: 10
 hope it helps


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