Sunday, 4 December 2011

super cheap way to get rid of a caked up face

first of all you can avoid a cakey face by using the right products on your skin. But if you dont have these
products or mabey you left the house without noticing that it happend.

all you are goin to need is a wet towel,piece of toilet paper, essencially what ever you an find that will obsorb water.
Step 1
fold up the cloth to the size that you want.

Step 2
wet the cloth with water.

Step 3
squeeze the cloth out till it is just a little damp.

Step 4
pat over the parts of your face that are cakey wait till its dry and look at the improved texture.

wow now you can get rid of your cakey face just about anywhere you are.
hope this really helpes you guys and gals.



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